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Radiant Glow Complexion Cream

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What better way to start the day with a face cream that acts as a moisturiser and a makeup base … … talk about saving time! The Radiant Glow Complexion Cream can enhance skin hydration, rejuvenate skin cells and brighten the complexion. And with an added mild sun-blocking agent, you can face the day with confidence and radiance! (not to be used as sunscreen).


As with other Byme Skincare products, this face cream is concentrated with Moist 24, Purisoft, and Gulfstream Seawater as active ingredients. It nourishes and hydrates your skin, while also protecting from everyday impurities and dust.


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2 reviews for Radiant Glow Complexion Cream

  1. khalian0112

    It is really effective in controlling my facial oil as it moisturise my skin effectively .. i love it !! GLAD I FOUND IT !! Will recommend to ppl around me !

  2. emilyhee99

    I use it as my make up base ,it makes my skin complexion fair and brighten my skin. I also love the sunblock function so much! It save my time as I don’t need to apply another sunblock product anymore as this product already have added sunblocking agent.

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