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Radiant Glow Hydrating Essence Face Mask Box (4pcs)

(17 customer reviews)

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Silky, translucent and incredibly refreshing, this face mask is a must-try for everyone. Made with moisturising naturally-derived ingredients such as Moist 24, beta-glucan, and Xpertmoist, this face mask is made to hydrate and promote inner radiance.


Nourish your skin cells with Gulfstream Seawater and Golden Seaweed Extract, clinically-proven to be rich in minerals to repair and rejuvenate skin for a natural glow. Keeps your skin hydrated for hours! Suitable for all skin types.


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17 reviews for Radiant Glow Hydrating Essence Face Mask Box (4pcs)

  1. Chew Cia Sin

    I tried the hydrating essence face mask today! Wow it’s really really hydrating and easy to use. Some more the mask’s size is bigger enough for any face size 👍

  2. Carmen


  3. phuanlouise

    After I applied this hydrating mask, my face was feel cold, bright, smooth and refreshing. The quality of mask is so thin, soft and even could see our skin. It doesn’t contain any flavors and the smell is so natural. Highly recommend Byme hydrating Essence Face Mask.

  4. peihoon96

    Great product…nice smell, it really hydrates my skin…so moisturising and no sticky and fast absorption…A mask that does what it promise and for that price, definitely would highly recommend!

  5. ah_yong0227

    Tried out the Radiant Glow Hydrating Essence Face Mask today and felt so satisfied with the result. It turned my skin moist and I felt so refreshed. Highly recommended! <3

  6. crystal.chanls

    Had a tried on this Byme mask and the result is very satisfying. My skin turns out to be more hydrating and glowing. Will recommend this to my friends and family as it’s really good.

  7. Koh Chi Yun

    Great ! It smells good. The skin is cool after using it and quickly absorbed.