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Star Ingredients

Natural sources for timeless natural beauty

Byme stands by naturally-derived sources, free from synthetics and harmful substances. Our star ingredients are blended into all Byme skincare products for a naturally glowing and radiant complexion.

Gulf Stream Seawater is 30x more concentrated in precious minerals that are useful to your skin. Derived from the Brehat archipelago in France, this water source can reduce skin irritation and activate your skin’s co-enzymes to balance and revitalise your skin.

Moist 24 is an ingredient derived from the roots of Imperata Cylindrica, a species of wild grass native to Asia. It is a very adaptable plant that can thrive in dry deserts and saline areas yet is able to retain water and contains a lot of potassium.

We are able to tap into this amazing plant’s water-retaining ability into Moist 24 as a component of all of our Byme Skincare products. Your skin will stay hydrated even in the driest conditions.

Purisoft is a powerful ingredient derived from the seeds of Moringa Oleifera. The ultimate flower power, the Moringa is dubbed a miracle plant for its numerous benefits for radiance and beauty.

Peptides from the Moringa seeds protect the skin from pollution and harmful elements. Made from these peptides, Purisoft helps shield your skin from contamination and leaves a healthier complexion, free from impurities.

Harvested from the Aloe Vera succulent plant, this extract is well-known for its soothing and hydrating abilities. Each extracted sap contains vitamins, minerals, polysaccharides, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties vital to the skin. Used widely as a moisturising component since ancient times, this plant extract can hydrate the skin through water absorption and retention.

Aloe Vera extract can also stimulate cell growth and restore damaged skin cells. It helps to bind skin cells together to improve its integrity, resulting in softer and firmer skin. This active ingredient is made for Byme Radiant Glow Gentle Cleansing Water as a refreshing and gentle makeup remover.

Citrus Peel Extract is an ingredient extracted from Citrus Reticulata or the Mandarin orange. It is known to be rich in vitamin C as well as other attributes that benefit the skin. Citrus Peel Extract helps increase luminosity of the skin that can result in an inner glow. It also helps increase elasticity for a firmer and smoother skin structure.

As a naturally-derived ingredient, citrus peel extract is clinically tested to be safe for all skin types. You can experience its wonderful benefits using Byme Radiant Glow Skin Essence.

Its scientific name is Laminaria Ochroleuca, but it is also known as brown seaweed, golden kelp, golden algae, or golden seaweed. This aquatic plant is notable for its beautiful vibrant yellow leaves that sparkle in the sunlight.

As the plant lives in shallow ocean waters, it is constantly exposed to harsh UV rays from the sun and high salt levels from the ocean. However, it had developed its own protective abilities which then Golden Seaweed Extract is derived. This natural plant extract helps protect your skin from UV radiation that causes skin damage. Experience its wonderful protective abilities with our Byme Radiant Glow Hydrating Essence Face Mask.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) is a naturally-occurring substance found in the skin. Its function is to hold water and keep skin cells plump and hydrated. As adults, the amount of naturally-made HA can decrease. Which is why it’s helpful to supplement your skin with added HA so that your skin will be kept hydrated and nourished.

HA is used in many high-end skincare and cosmetic products due to its efficiency and high demand. You can experience its prowess with Byme Radiant Glow Cleansing Mousse.